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On behalf of the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois Board and Executive Committee, it is my pleasure to share information with you about becoming a member of the Board of Directors. The Council was formed as a not-for-profit membership organization of the top leaders in Southwestern Illinois in 1983. It was formed to bring together many diverse groups in support of economic growth in Southwestern Illinois, providing one voice for the region. Thirty-six years later, we’ve grown to over 250 members and stayed true to the vision of our founders.

The mission of the Leadership Council is to unite the Southwestern Illinois region for economic growth. Our membership includes the leaders in Southwestern Illinois in business, industry, government, education and labor. These five key areas reflect the elements imperative to continued economic success of the region. We also collaborate and work closely with the greater St. Louis region, fostering a regional approach.

The Leadership Council has long been recognized as leading the region to accomplish many seemingly impossible undertakings. These include assisting in the retention of Scott Air Force Base, critical infrastructure projects, including the new Mississippi River Bridge and I-255, legislative changes that have aided growth, and efforts that ensured the timely re-accreditation of the American Bottoms levees.

The Leadership Council has many initiatives underway that are making a difference in Southwestern Illinois. Many members are involved in driving these efforts, and we are only as strong as the support from the members that make up our organization.

On behalf of the Leadership Council’s Board members, it is my pleasure to share this information with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or if I can be of assistance. We look forward to working with you!


Ronda Sauget
Executive Director & CEO
Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois
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