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Utilities play a vital role in the economic development of Southwestern Illinois serving our businesses and homeowners. Utility companies not only employ many workers in Southwestern Illinois, but also make an economic impact for the region by providing reliable, low cost energy to our communities. From 2012 to 2018, Ameren Illinois invested $1.1 Billion in electrical, gas, and green energy infrastructure enhancements in the region which includes the Metro East. Over the past five years, Illinois American Water Company has invested more than $150 million replacing and upgrading its Metro East infrastructure. These investments funded projects at their three water treatments plants located in Alton, Granite City, and East St. Louis, as well as numerous miles of water main replacements and upgrades.

Businesses could not operate without reliable utilities providing electricity, natural gas, trash, water, and sewage services. Utility companies are constantly interacting with businesses in the region to make sure their utility needs are being met. All businesses use energy differently, therefore utilities do their best to serve the needs of individual firms. Utility companies can positively impact local economy by offering reliable energy and other services that are cost effective for businesses. Utility companies work diligently to inform our region’s businesses on how they can maximize their utility efficiency to help lead to a more sustainable future in Southwestern Illinois.

Ameren Illinois and Illinois American Water Company have both been instrumental in the Utility Mapping process. This process of mapping utility capacity will give our region a competitive edge over other areas of the country in identifying the most cost-effective development sites.