Building Workforce 2030

Building Workforce 2030

The Leadership Council is partnering with business, organizations and schools to…

  • Inform and Prepare Future and Current Workforce
  • Change Perceptions of Skilled Careers and Create Awareness
  • Partner with Higher Education and Technical Training at Colleges and Universities to make sure they are aligned with industry needs
  • Make Real Business/Industry Connections
  • Share Ways Individuals Can Gain Experience and/or Earn Credentials Needed

…for fields in the Crafts, Manufacturing, Cyber, Healthcare, Truck Driving, Aviation Industries and more.


The Leadership Council's Labor Management and Manufacturing Steering Committees has been instrumental in the development, implementation, and ongoing management of the Workforce 2030 Program (originally created as the Craft/Manufacture Your Future Campaign) focused on building awareness and career pathways to STEM and Vocational Skills acquisition and job placement for 5+ years specifically focused in underserved communities with minority populations.

This program has significantly impacted over 40,000+ students, teachers, school administrators, residents, and community leaders within Southwestern Illinois and surrounding communities. The program has a speaker’s bureau that engages in different types of activities that schools and community groups request, such as adopt-a-school programs, tours of companies, colleges and universities, apprenticeship schools, freshmen parent orientation, rotary and chamber groups, school administrative and counselor meetings, reverse trades and career conferences, hands on demonstrations, reading to children, and much more. The Building Workforce program partners with the local High School Librarians Group, American Graduate, PBS Channel, and local workforce groups. In addition, the Leadership Council’s Executive Ladies group plays a key role in the program sharing that careers are for everyone while sharing their success.

As we have seen over the years, the Workforce 2030 program has directly generated substantial results in the number of students and their parents entering career technical trades certificate and job training programs as well as STEM career pathways that would have not done so if not for this program. To date, this program is in Southwestern Illinois school systems, colleges, and higher education institutions and communities providing career options for students and residents “to go to work today!”

Many of these training programs especially in the building construction trades area are an “earn as you learn” union apprenticeship schools that are desperately seeking underserved and minority participation.

For more information about the Building Workforce 2030 program, please reach out to or 618-692-9745.


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