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Broadband Efforts


Southwestern Illinois
Illinois Connected Communities
Broadband: Access, Use, and Adoption

2020 Illinois Connected Communities Cohort
12 Communities engaging in planning and capacity building for improved broadband access, adoption, and utilization
  • The Leadership Council Education Committee seeks to build long-term reliability and consistency in internet connectivity and broadband access for remote workers and e-learning for students in the SWIL region enabling further economic development and educational enhancement activities.
  • Strategic Regional Planning Built on the Following Objectives:
    • Build awareness of connectivity challenges
    • Advocate for enhanced connectivity with state and federal legislators and related companies
    • Identify regional broadband and internet connectivity key priorities in Urban, Suburban, and Rural SWIL areas
    • Identify Infrastructure solution to bridge digital connectivity
    • Build regional strategic alliances to further connectivity efforts
  • Focusing on Access, Use, and Adoption with the goal to improve broadband in SWIL
  • Barriers
    • Inadequate and unreliable broadband services
    • Technology skills need improved
    • Higher speed connectivity needed
    • Equity/affordability gaps
  • How can you get involved? Email office@leadershipcouncilswil.com
    • Steering Committee
    • Sub Committees
      • Access
      • Adoption
      • Use
  • Broadband Survey for Individuals: https://conta.cc/3rZMRZT
  • Broadband Survey for Business/Organizations: https://conta.cc/3gpnuv6

Leadership Council Education Committee

Education is one of the key areas of the Leadership Council and one of the initial foundation committees of the organization in 1983. Founding members of the Leadership Council recognized this field as a key component in development of Southwestern Illinois region. School systems in this region, as well as institution of higher education, exemplify excellence in providing opportunities for students from Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) through graduate studies to gain knowledge, grow, and develop as productive members of society.

The education committee keeps the Leadership Council informed of legislative changes that impact policy, funding, and performance measures. In addition, the committee is a liaison for communication and action planning between public schools and higher education institutions in addressing the current and future needs of business and industry.

PCs for People help get computers in the homes of those who truly need them!


  • Distributes refurbished corporate computers updated to Windows 10, with very low-cost, unlimited internet access for students, underserved populations, elderly, and veterans.
    • They have connected over 450,000 people to internet and computing devices. The State of Illinois Office of Broadband has committed to facilitate the donation of 10,000 computers to PCs for People Metro East, but they have set a goal of sourcing a total of 25,000 computers in their first year in order to meet the significant need in our community, and they need our help to meet that goal.
  • PCs for People is NAID AAA certified to wipe clean all data off computers and recertify them for reuse
  • PC donations needed!!

If you would like more information about how to donate computers, please contact the Leadership Council office at 618-692-9745 or ronda@leadershipcouncilswil.com.

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