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Broadband Funding Opportunities

NIST Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program 2022

Application Due Date: 01/18/2022

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), US Department of Commerce

Eligible Applicants: Non-federal entities including IHEs; non-profit organizations, for-profit organizations; state, local, territorial, and Indian tribal governments; foreign public entities; foreign organizations. Individuals and unincorporated sole proprietors, and federal entities are NOT eligible.

Award Amount Range: $300,000 – $600,000 per year, per award

The purpose of this program is to fund research, development, and testing of technologies to address critical gaps in public safety technology and communications as identified by public safety stakeholders.

CFDA: 11.609


Internet Measurement Research: Methodologies, Tools, and Infrastructure Program

Application Due Dates: Track 1: 01/20/2022; Track 2: 03/08/2022; Track 3: 03/22/2022

National Science Foundation

Eligible Applicants: Institutions of Higher Education (2 and 4 year), Non-profits, non-academic organizations including independent museums, observatories, research labs, professional societies, and other educational and research focused organizations

Award Tracks (Maximum award): Methodologies and Methods ($600,000 for 4 years); Measurement and Tool Development and Demonstration ($600,000 for 2 years); Internet Measurement-Related Infrastructure-Planning ($100,000 for 1 year)

The program in designed to support the development of methodologies, tools, and infrastructure for internet measurement across both wireless and fixed broadband and core internet to help overcoming the lack of adequately measured internet in the country due to the uncoordinated and outdated methods currently used.

CFDA Number: 47.049, 47.070


Rural Health Network Development Planning Program

Application Due Date: 01/28/2022

US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration

Eligible Applicants: Domestic public or private, non-profit or for-profit entities that have demonstrated experience serving, or the capacity to serve, rural underserved populations. Counties should be fully rural but if they are partially rural then all designated rural census tracts must be listed.

Maximum Award Amount: $100,000

This program is meant to promote the development of integrated health care networks in order to: (1) Achieve efficiencies, (2) expand access to, coordinate, and improve the quality of basic health care services and associated health outcomes, (3) strengthen the rural health care system as a whole.

CFDA Number: 93.912


Rural eConnectivity Program (ReConnect)

Application date range: 11/24/2021 – 02/22/2022

US Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service

Eligible Applicants: Corporations, LLCs and LLPs, Cooperatives, State or local governments, US territories, and tribal governments that can produce technology able to deliver 100/100 Mbps to every premise in their proposed service area

Funding Categories (Maximum award): 100 Percent Loan ($50,000,000); 50 Percent Loan/50 Percent Grant ($25,000,000/$25,000,000); 100 Percent Grant ($25,000,000)

This program provides loans, grants, and loan/grant combinations to fuel long-term rural economic development through broadband deployment projects.

Note: For the 100 Percent grant there is a 25% matching requirement unless the applicant is a tribal government or tribal affiliated organization building on tribal land, or if applicant is serving an area of at least 75% socially vulnerable communities, then there is no matching requirement 

CFDA Number: 10.752


ARPA Economic Adjustment Assistance Program

Application Due Date: 03/31/2022

US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration

Eligible Applicants: District organizations, Native tribe/consortium of Native tribes, State, county, city, or other state political subdivision, Institution of higher education/consortium of IHEs, Non-profit or association acting with officials of a state political subdivision

Award Range: $100,000-$10,000,000

The program is designed to provide financial assistance, for a wide range of construction and non-construction projects, to communities as they respond to, and recover from, the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

CFDA Number: 11.307


USAC Telecommunications Program

Open: 12/01/2021 – 4/01/2022

Universal Service Administrative Co.

Eligible Applicants: Non-profit rural healthcare providers (RHCP)

The program will subsidize the difference in cost for telehealth and telemedicine services between urban and rural areas. The RHCPs develop a list of services they require and open it up to bids from service providers, the USAC then funds the difference of the winning bid.


Rural Innovation Stronger Economy (RISE) Grant Program

Application Due Date: 04/19/2022

Rural Utility Services, US Department of Agriculture

Eligible Applicants: There must be a partnership consisting of two or more eligible applicants including

A State, Tribal or local government or entity of such government; a land grant IHE or other IHE; a rural non-profit cooperative; a private entity

Lead applicant can be: a district organization; an Indian Tribe or political subdivision of a Tribe; a State or political subdivision of a State; and IHE; or a public or private non-profit

Award Range: $500,000 – $2,000,000

“RISE Grant Program offers grant assistance to create and augment high-wage jobs, accelerate the formation of new businesses, support industry clusters and maximize the use of local productive assets in eligible low-income rural areas.”

CFDA Number: 10.755


Public Works and Economic Adjustment Assistance Programs

Applications accepted on an ongoing basis until release of a new NOFO

Economic Development Administration (EDA), US Department of Commerce

Eligible Applicants: District Organization; Indian Tribe / consortium of Tribes; State, County, City, or other State Political Subdivision / consortium of political subdivisions; Institution of Higher Education / consortium of IHEs; Public or Private Non-Profit Organization or Association acting in cooperation with officials of a state political subdivision

Award Ranges: $600,000 – $3,000,000 (Public Works Projects); $150,000 – $1,000,000 (Economic Adjustment Assistance); $500,000 – $2,000,000 (Assistance to Coal Communities and Nuclear Closure Communities)

All programs under this NOFO are meant to provide economically distressed communities and regions with comprehensive and flexible resources to address a wide variety of needs through funding creative construction and non-construction projects that will advance economic prosperity.

CFDA Number: 11.300, 11.307



Affordable Connectivity Program

A permanent replacement for the Emergency Broadband Benefit. See website to see if your household qualifies.

Eligible applicants will receive a $30 monthly discount on their broadband subscriptions ($75 for households on tribal land) and a one-time $100 discount on a tablet, laptop, or desktop

More information can be found HERE


Ameren Cares Program

Request application online

Eligible Applicants: Non-profits within the Ameren Illinois service area

Program Focus Areas: Arts and Culture, Civic and Community, Environment, Health and Human Services, Youth and Education


BNSF Railway Foundation

No deadline to apply, applications reviewed monthly

Eligible applicants: non-profit organizations located near BNSF operations (Metro East is eligible)

Program focus areas: Civic concerns, Cultural experiences, education, health and human services, youth organizations, federally recognized tribal governments


Cisco Product Grant

Eligible Applicants: 501(c)(3) non-profits

Award: $25,000-$50,000 list price of equipment

Program Focus Areas: Education, Economic Empowerment, Critical Human Needs

Awards cisco products to non-profits that need new/more technology to increase their capacity to deliver services.


Geico Philanthropic Foundation

Open yearly January 1 – November 30

Eligible Applicants: 501(c)(3) Non-profits

Program Focus Areas: Education, Engaging the Community, Promoting Equity


Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

Not related to Dell Technologies

Eligible Entities: Non-profits

Does not fund more than 25% of a project’s budget

The foundation funds projects that directly serve children or youth from low-income communities in the areas of education, health, and family economic stability.



No deadline

Eligible applicants: Non-profit organizations focused on at least one of the funding priorities

Program Focus Areas: Economic and Community Development, Education and Workforce Readiness, Financial Wellness



Eligible Entities:  Non-profits

Sony aims to give its funding to projects focused on education in the areas of art, culture, technology, and the environment.


Stay connected K-12

Spectrum Enterprise

A program which allows schools to offer internet to students and teachers at their home, and easily add and take away households on the network as needed.


T-Mobile Project 10Million

Eligible Applicants: Parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the National School Lunch Program

Award: 100GB of mobile data/year for five years, mobile hotspot, low-cost devices

Separate program for school administrators – must fill out online form


Special Programs

Webinar Series

Illinois Office of Broadband and Illinois Extension partnered for a webinar series to aid community leaders in planning for broadband expansion



Find Federal Grants

NTIA Broadband USA


Stay Informed

Illinois Office of Broadband

Benton Institute

Find Affordable Internet in Your Area


Free Digital Literacy Trainings (learners and trainers)



For questions about broadband grants and other resources please contact Mary Gay at mary@leadershipcouncilswil.com


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