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Broadband Resources

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Eligible applicants will receive a $30 monthly discount on their broadband subscriptions ($75 for households on tribal land) and a one-time $100 discount on a tablet, laptop, or desktop from participating providers.

See if you qualify HERE

More information can be found HERE


Illinois Broadband Lab

A collaboration on broadband data, mapping, research, community engagement, and publications between the Illinois Office of Broadband and the University of Illinois System.


Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity – Broadband 

Visit this site for the most up to date information on Illinois state efforts for broadband expansion and digital equity including grants, strategic plans, and maps.


Accelerate Illinois Broadband Infrastructure Planning Program

DCEO Illinois Office of Broadband

Eligible Applicants: Illinois cities, villages, counties, or multi-county regions

Accelerate Illinois is a non-monetary award program that provides selected communities with intensive technical assistance resources and programming to engage in community broadband planning and capacity building for improved broadband infrastructure. The outcome of the 14-week program will set communities up for success in accessing future funding opportunities.


Connect Illinois Round 3

Reach out to broadband@illinois.gov for more information

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity 

Eligible Applicants: Incorporated business or partnership, a political subdivision, a nonprofit organization, a cooperative association, or a limited liability corporation organized for the purpose of expanding broadband access

Note: IL Public Schools are eligible but may be encouraged to leverage other sources of funding first

Award Maximum: $10,000,000

This program is meant to support broadband deployment to expand and strengthen existing broadband network infrastructure, health information technology, telemedicine, distance learning, and public safety in Illinois.


Stay connected K-12

Spectrum Enterprise

A program which allows schools to offer internet to students and teachers at their home, and easily add and take away households on the network as needed.


T-Mobile Project 10Million

Eligible Applicants: Parent/guardian of a student enrolled in the National School Lunch Program

Award: 100GB of mobile data/year for five years, mobile hotspot, low-cost devices

Separate program for school administrators – must fill out online form


Special Programs

Webinar Series

Illinois Office of Broadband and Illinois Extension partnered for a webinar series to aid community leaders in planning for broadband expansion



Find Federal Grants

NTIA Broadband USA


Stay Informed

Benton Institute

Find Affordable Internet in Your Area


Free Digital Literacy Trainings (learners and trainers)



For questions about broadband grants and other resources please contact Mary Gay at mary@leadershipcouncilswil.com