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EDWARDSVILLE, ILL., April 27, 2018 – Local businesses throughout the region rallied together to present career opportunities to students in Dupo, Illinois. Dupo schools and the Leadership Council partnered to bring businesses and students together for a career conference on April 27, 2018. At the career conference, Junior/Senior High School students, grades 7-12, learned about careers in a broad variety of fields.


The career conference, which is the first of its kind in Dupo, was attended by businesses representing over 40 professions, including agriculture, court reporting, engineering, interior design and aviation. Professionals presented in classrooms and shared information with the students throughout the day.  


“This event will influence the next generation workforce with knowledge regarding well-paying jobs right here in Southwestern Illinois,” said Ronda Sauget, Executive Director of Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois. “We are planting the seeds for tomorrow and encouraging students to consider careers in these growing fields.”


Students learned about what education and skills are necessary for various occupations. They made connections with professionals representing diverse careers, introducing students to the wide variety of career opportunities they may face upon graduation and emphasizing the importance of education and soft skills in every profession.


“The Dupo School District is appreciative of the partnership and support of the Leadership Council Southwestern Illinois to provide our students, families and community with opportunities and information that is instrumental in their success and collaboration,” said Dr. Kelly Carpenter, Superintendent of Dupo District 196.


Additionally, on April 26, nearly 70 kindergarteners from Bluffview Elementary School in Dupo learned about construction jobs, as the Leadership Council brought storybooks to read to the kids and donate to the school library. With yellow toy construction hats perched on their heads, groups of children gathered around volunteers, eagerly listening to the stories about bulldozers, backhoes and construction sites and asking questions about what they heard.


Reading to the children was a valuable opportunity to talk about jobs in construction and to inform children at an early age about a variety of career opportunities to help them understand the importance of careers.