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The Leadership Center has partnered with Union Pacific as part of our Building Workforce 2030 initiative.

This project is part of the Leadership Council’s Building Workforce 2030. The purpose of the Building Workforce 2030 program is to inform and prepare future and current workforce and change perceptions and create awareness of skilled careers. We have seen the Building Workforce 2030 program generate substantial results in the number of students, their parents, and underserved residents entering career technical trades certificate and job training programs, as well as STEM/STEAM career pathways if not for this program.

The Southern IL Development Foundation and Union Pacific are working together to put our unemployed, underemployed, and upcoming workforce on the right track by creating awareness of family-supporting jobs like those Union Pacific offers, and building foundational, technical and life skills. A series of career presentations are utilized to share career information.  A virtual library is  being created to go along with the presentations.  Due to the pandemic, presentations will be conducted virtually for the time being.  A website page, as part of the virtual library, is being created to share Union Pacific opportunities during presentations.  Community meeting presentations are being set up with rotary groups, chamber of commerce’s, school administrators, parents, students, military affiliates, social service groups, churches and many more.  The community presentations will allow the message to be shared with a diverse and inclusive workforce, including rural communities.

Our region has over 30 miles of rail, access to six Class 1 Railroads, numerous rail-served sites and warehouses, and 24-hour switching services. Union Pacific operates our largest rail center in Dupo, Illinois. Union Pacific’s subsidiary, Alton & Southern Railway, located in the nearby St. Louis region operates as a switching railroad, connecting and directing freight from all over the United States to various strategic destination points.

Train conductor, engineer, yardmaster, dispatcher, mechanic, electrician, welder, maintenance, rail/locomotive repair, operations, management, and more. With that many miles of rail in southern Illinois, there are plenty of rail career opportunities right here in your back yard. With the average hourly pay of $31.26 an hour with benefits, and an affordable standard of living in the Metro east area, a career in the rail industry has endless possibilities for you. Typically, you need a high school or equivalent to start your career, and you receive on-the-job training.

With the partnership of Union Pacific/Union Pacific Community Ties Giving ProgramSIDF is proud to have created this resource page to bring awareness to the many family supporting jobs like Union Pacific offers and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).


Railroad Careers

Union Pacific has a tremendous demand for hard-working, dedicated employees at every skill level. These are important roles — critical to their success and critical to the success of the nation.

  • Transportation
    • Train Crew
    • Utility Clerk
  • Engineering (Maintenance of Way)
    • Track Laborer
      • Welder
      • Heavy Equipment Operator
      • CDL Driver
    • Engineering (Signal)
      • Assistant Signal Person
      • Signal Maintainer
    • Mechanical Car/Locomotive
    • Mechanical Service Operator
    • Apprentice Freight Car
    • Carman Toolman
    • Apprentice Diesel Mechanic
    • Diesel Mechanic
    • Apprentice Diesel Electrician
    • Diesel Electrician
    • General Locomotive Repairman
    • Supply
      • Material Handler


The link below takes you to the “Careers – I build Progress” page for Union Pacific.  On this pge you can look up 26 career opportunities and the current jobs in each state that are currently posted.

Welcome to Union Pacific Careers (up.jobs)


The link below takes you to a one minute video entitled “Join the Union Pacific Team”