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Dear Educator,
Welcome to the first edition of the SWIL Education-Workforce Connection. In this monthly newsletter, we plan to keep you informed of the various activities that the Leadership Council of Southwestern Illinois is involved in, particularly those activities that relate to education.
Maybe you are not familiar with the Leadership Council. Here is what we are about:
Our Mission: Uniting the Region for Growth
Since 1983, the Leadership Council has been the premier organization fostering economic growth in Southwestern Illinois. The Council developed the first regional economic development agenda, and for over 38 years our organization has strengthened public/private partnerships throughout Southwestern Illinois to lay the foundation for job growth and retention.
The Leadership Council is deeply committed to long-term workforce development in creating a talent pipeline of world class skilled, work ready and productive employees. To enable this process, the Leadership Council continues to take a leading role in coordination with strategic partners in building awareness of career options in Technical Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math (STEAM) related fields through its Building Workforce 2030 program. Southwestern Illinois will continue to invest in youth and entrepreneurial businesses serving as the regions next group of leaders and workforce.
Our monthly newsletter will focus on areas of interest to educators and the families they serve.
If you should have any questions about our activities or suggestions on areas you would like to see us pursue, please reach out to us at 618-692-9745 or office@leadeershipcouncilswil.com.